Premium Service

Mint Copies can also provide creative and inspirational custom applications to help you create a product of which you can be proud!

Matt silver can be supplied on request at no extra charge.

CD Duplication

CD Copying And Duplication Service

Our CDs are manufactured to the strictest international standards, which ensures that everything that can be done to preserve the quality of your data in the manufacturing process has been followed. All discs are high quality 48x diamond with a white upper surface.

We also provide a full authoring and design service.

DVD Authoring

All Common Video Formats Handled

Authoring is the integration of audio, video and graphics into a single digital product. The product is tailored to the client's individual requirements. Access to the data is through a menu system.

During recent years DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) has become the ideal medium for distributing high quality video.

The MPEG2 flexible data compression system allows resolutions of upto 720 x 576 at 25 frames per second and can be optimised for both regular and wide screen tv formats.

Video Duplication

VHS Video Tape Duplication Service

Flexibility: Need 100 copies? Or maybe 50,000 copies?
Mint Copies is your source for high quality VHS tapes in any quantity.

We apply the same high quality standards and manufacturing expertise to video tape duplication as we do with our CD and DVD services.

At Mint Copies we use only high quality VHS shells and name brand tape media. Quality is monitored throughout the process, not "bolted on" as an afterthought.

We offer complete labeling and packaging options including custom printed four colour sleeves and colour labels.

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