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Search Engine Optimisation

Building a great website is only the begining because if nobody can find your site amongst the many others out there, you receive no visitors and therefore receive very little benefit from the site. A lot of people that go for the cheaper website companies experience this problem.

Every new website we build at Fresh Web Studios, we build with the expectation that search engine optimisation (or SEO) will be required. That means setting out a number of coding techniques in order for SEO to be easier to implement. This will give you an edge over your competitors who use less savvy web designers.

Here at Fresh Web Studios we use proven and skilled methods embedded into your site to make sure your site can be found out there - not quick fix solutions.

One of the problems with having a website in today's world is that the techniques and tactics used to give your website good prominence can vary from year to year, even after several months amongst the different search engines. And what works well for Google, may not work so well with Yahoo, MSN, or any of the other search engines out there. So its a careful balancing act.

What would have once worked well (even if it was only 12 months ago!), may not be doing anything currently for your search engine ranking. Search engines often realise some of the flaws in their ranking systems, and revise to prevent certain techniques being used.

A lot of companies say they can guarantee high ranking search engine optimisation, which is largely rubbish. If there was a magic way to do it, everybody would be doing it, and then how would they distinguish the top sites? Nobody can guarantee a certain position, but what Fresh Web Studios can do is utilise the best techniques to ensure that over time, and with careful ongoing management, your site rises near to the top.

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